MEDICA | Health~Holland Pavilion 2023

Wilkommen! Welcome! Our Health~Holland pavilion is the first point of call for anyone seeking Dutch Life Sciences & Health expertise. The MEDICA has been appointed by the Dutch Topsector Life Sciences & Health as a strategic important exhibition. Explore this digital pavilion and find out how the Dutch sector can be beneficial for your (future) cooperation with The Netherlands. The pavilion can be found in Halle 15 at L31/L32.

Meet the Dutch!

Meet all participants of the Health~Holland Pavilion on the 15th of november from 16:00 to 18:00. Meet all the exhibitors of the NL Pavilion and let them take you along their innovative healthcare solutions. The event offers the perfect opportunity for one-on-one conversations to meet or deepen the [...]

Kick-off Networking Event

Exclusive for the exhibitors of the NL Pavilion. We are glad that we are able to organize the NL Pavilion at the MEDICA for the 13th time. So, what better way to kick-off the MEDICA 2023 with some typical German kaffee und kuchen at the NL Pavilion. In collaboration with [...]

Programme 2023

Find out more about the programme, the participants and events..

About the Dutch

Learn how shared challenges are succesfully being tackled through international partnerships


Receive more insights into the Dutch LSH sector and our long term objectives.

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